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I plead guilty.

I plead guilty. I thought today was a holiday and exchanges were closed.

I played tennis at 7:30 AM, then walked around enjoying the perfect fall weather, azure blue skies, no wind and the incredible fall foliage.

The weather is so perfect everyone is parading their antique cars and trucks.

This is a 1933 Pierce-Arrow Model 1236 built in Buffalo, New York.


This is the incredible hood ornament.


I want one. Apparently the car is worth between $250,000 and $500,000. It’s the owner’s love.

This is a 1924 Model T Ford truck.



Mr Stock was making a service call on a piano when I caught up with him this morning in Chatham, NY.

Australian marketing at its best. The wine is sold out, allegedly. Australians are not PC.


This says it all.


Harry Newton, who read two “stories” this weekend: The last quarter is gong to be an incredible boom. Or, the world economies are slowing down; earnings and stock markets will do terribly.  To my tiny brain, Cash is king, for now. Meantime, go for a walk. The weather in most places is beyond gorgeous. I’ll be back earlier tomorrow. That’s both a promise and a threat.