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GoPro and Apple. Hot Christmas stocks.

 GoPro did a secondary. It hit the stock.I suspect a a little more weakness and it will be time to buy more.


Apple is on a tear. Hard to believe this will continue, though Fidelity says its P/E is still only 18. Maybe take a little off the table?


Both GoPro and Apple will do well this Christmas.

Today’s market will be strong. I nibbled at a little CST. Cramer’s idea. He was persuasive.

My stock research has led recently to blind alleys. It’s part of the game. My friend Ron Acher sent me a Warren Buffet quote:

The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything.

 It’s one in a hundred. That’s the ratio my successful real estate moguls tell me. They look at a hundred. They bid on ten. They get one. That one is a beauty. The whole process of investment searching doesn’t feel productive. You have to keep telling yourself that it is productive and that you really are working for a living. Ironically, some really neat real estate syndications have recently come out of the woodwork. Vetting them has been time-consuming.

Remember the “free” life insurance. Our friend who was organizing the life insurance went to his house in the Virgin Islands. While there, a robbery went very wrong and he was murdered. Sad.

He killed a man when he was very young. California has thrown away the key, never to let him out.


His story, in the latest issue of Harper’s magazine is gut-wrenching. Horrible. Sad.  Mr. Hartman is clearly very bright. It’s hard to believe he belongs in jail. He could be a wonderful addition to our society. Please read his story. Click HarpersMagazine-2014-12-0085233. I’m involved a little in prison reform.It really needs it.

It’s hard to open plastic packages with techie goodies inside. I’d cut, razor, tear,  … and end with sliced fingers and bruised hands. Until I discovered the magic solution — a $14.33 pair of Fiskars 8 Inch Amplify RazorEdge Fabric Shears.


Buy yours here.

Remember our busted Thermador oven door? The nice man came and fixed it:

Before and after

ThermadorStoverdoor FixedStove

This is the busted hinge compared to a good one. Notice how flimsy the busted one is. The stove cost over $6,000.


There are four lessons from this:

+ When one hinge breaks, replace both. If you don’t, the second one will break the next day. I bought my two replacement hinges from They were really helpful.

+ You can’t fix it yourself.You need the man from Thermador.

+ Be very gentle opening and closing oven doors. They’re very fragile.

+ Never use your oven’s self-cleaning feature. Our sweet Thermador man says self-cleaning heats the oven to over 800 degrees F, which destroys everything from wires to computer circuit boards.

Harry Newton  who’s off to the Coachella Valley, California for a couple of weeks. It’s warm there.