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48 wonderful years

For the family. For the kids. For the grandkids. For the beauty. For the technology. For the opportunities. For the fun.

For Amazon and instant gratification. For Uber and a taxi with leg room. For Canon for better cameras. For Apple’s amazing iPhone. For Microsoft whose Windows still work. For GPS so I can get there without help.

For California and New York.

For biotech and big pharma and medicines that cure.

For tenants who pay their rent. For the repair man who resurrected our fallen shades yesterday.

For wives who help us improve.

The world is truly a wonderful place.

This is my 48th year in the U.S.

Those 48 years have brought me deep happiness, enduring love, loyal friends, superb times and kids, grandkids and a loving, nice wife. She put my eye drops in this morning.

Some time tomorrow, they’ll play Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant on the radio and and I’ll tear up.


He recorded it the year I came to America. Vietnam was in full swing. The airline industry was regulated and entry by new airlines was forbidden. Telecommunications was a monopoly of AT&T. Kodak was king, with Kodachrome and Tri-X.

We had no cell phones, no optical fiber, no Internet, no laptops, no DNA. no GPS, no Amazon, no DirecTV, no Netflix, no HBO, no Tennis Channel and no overpriced organic foods.

Imagine what the next 48 years will bring our kids and our grandkids.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Tasteless, but funny


Not funny.

Harry Newton. You can hear an updated version of Alice’s Restaurant played by an updated (larger) Arlo here.

I’m taking Eleanor, aged two, for a walk today. Maybe I’ll finally get a real kiss, not just a blown one. Grandfathers count their wealth by grandchildren kisses.